Metal Detecting

Thanks for coming back.

As a member of the NCMD, National Council for Metal Detecting.
I am insured in case anything happens on the permissions I am fortunate to go to.

The thought of finding anything in the ground that someone else from the past has held, used or hid gives me goose bumps. Its all treasure. Yes even the nails and screws. History has always been a fascination of mine. And of course Treasure is something that fascinates everyone.
But its not about money value, its about historical value. I am not greedy, I am just curious.
To all of those out there, when I go digging, anything I find if there is a value, the land owner gets 1/2. Even if its only £20. Its not about the money!

My Equipment:
A XP Deus, and a Fisher 1225x Pro.
The XP Deus is a brand newer unit.
The Fisher is an older model but works very well.
Both seem to go deep, I have found some interesting items some very old coins.
You can see all my finds by clicking on the “MD Finds” link.

Who knows maybe I will find something of historical value one day.

If you find yourself looking for a lost piece of jewellery in the garden, don’t forget about the person with the metal detector.
They can help find your lost item.

Have a nice day.

To keep track of all my collections, I use an application called Recollector.
It is brilliant and the support is as well!