The History behind the finds

I think one of the biggest reasons I Metal Detect is for the History.

One thing I didn’t realise is that most of the coins around 1900 were made of bronze composition.
I just had assumed they were made of copper.

It is great to know where and when it came from. And who might have held it last. Or what was it used for. These are all questions I ask when I find something.

In the following you will see what I have discovered about the Items I have found.


This dig was near my Leicestershire permission 4. These kind people said I could detect their two small fields.

The Victorian Dress weight (click here) which I thought was a button at first is made of lead, this is why it has turned white. That’s what happens when lead has been buried for a long period of time.
I also found two coins, only one could I make out any markings.
Edward VII, 1901-1910. The other only shows slight markings, not enough to make out.


This dig at Leicestershire permission 4, did not produce much, but did manage a 1898 Victoria Penny.
Victoria reined from 1837-1901.


Leicestershire permission 4, gave me quite a bit.
A Queen Victoria 1896 Penny.
A 1931 George V Penny.
A 1948 George V half Penny.
A 1949 Toy Fire Engine.
A 1950 Toy Dump Truck or Tipper as they are called in this country.


Leicestershire permission 4
I found 3 coins, all in fairly good condition.
Queen Victoria 1900 penny
Edward VII 1902 half Penny/low tide
George V 1922 Penny