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Since Covid-19 has come into our world we have all needed to find ways to keep out mind occupied.
What I have done is went back to a previous life in which I played the drums in a band or several bands. Nothing professional, just local venues.
Anyway, I decided to create a YouTube video.
So I bought an electric guitar and already had purchased a set of Roland electric drums.
I recorded a Beatles song. Not the best but a lot of fun.
Then I decided to do more. So bought a bass guitar and a better electric guitar. Both are Rocktile’s.
I have since acquired a Fender Squire as well, and replaced all the electrics and pickups.
Over the last year I have done another cover song and 2 of my own.
You can also see my YouTube channel by clicking the link at the bottom of page.
I play all the instruments in the videos.

And remember to enjoy life!